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Corporate advisory services

Pangaea Energy provides high level advice on business strategy and direction, to both listed and private companies. This encompasses advice and guidance on all key aspects of a company’s business, strategy and operations, from its funding requirements to the selection and development of its key projects, from the sourcing and retention of key management and technical personnel to the positioning of the business in the key growth sectors and commodities.

We assist our clients in assessing the strategic and financial impact of key business decisions, and advise our clients on how best to maximise value, whether by accessing the capital markets, by a strategic transaction or by remaining private.

Project acquisitions

Pangaea Energy are actively engaged in the evaluation of new mining and energy project opportunities all around the world. With a strong network of consultants and advisers in Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and the Far East, we are seeking high quality or undervalued assets for investment, whether by outright acquisition, joint venture or equity injection. Pangaea Energy and its partners, backed by significant private investors and listed companies with a track record in mining exploration and development, are able to move quickly to evaluate and agree deal terms which offer considerable upside potential to project owners.

Project development

Pangaea Energy have the personnel with the skills needed to provide project management services to assist in the development of projects, in formulating and implementing exploration and development programmes and in negotiating key contracts and arrangements with contractors, joint venture partners and governments.